100 White Suffolk Stud Ewes on Offer

Stud breeders looking for new and proven genetics, commercial producers seeking an injection of profit driving genetics and new studs all have an opportunity at Bundara Downs White Suffolk stud at Bordertown, SA, on Friday March 14 when 100 mated stud ewes will go under the hammer.

 This will be only the second stud ewe sale in the 21 year history of Bundara Downs which conducts an annual ram sale each spring. Their first stud ewe sale was two years ago when buyers from the Eyre Peninsula to western Victoria paid an average of $528 and a top of $1000. Three volume buyers recognised the value on offer and took over half the ewes sold. Buyers included high profile studs, regular Bundara ram clients and new stud breeders.

 “There were plenty of bargains and follow up contact indicates satisfied clients,” said Steve Funke of Bundara Downs.

 The ewes come from four drops ranging from proven breeders born in 2010 through to 2013 born ewe lambs carrying the latest genetics.

 The 2010 to 2012 drop sale ewes were AI’d on December 7 and backed up with Bundara Downs 111055. The 2013 drop ewe lambs were AI’d on January 8 and backed up with Woolumbool 127658.

100 White Suffolk Stud Ewes on Offer
100 White Suffolk Stud Ewes on Offer

The complete offering will be scanned in lamb and the number of lambs each is carrying will be indicated. Pedigrees and Lambplan figures along with predicted EBVs of the lambs in utero are also available. The catalogue is on www.bundaradowns.com.au

 “The joining sires to these ewes are the same sires we are using to breed the next generation of rams and stud ewes,” said Mr Funke.

 Elders South Australian stud stock manager Tony Wetherall inspected the ewes in mid February and described them as big, roomy, long bodied ewes in good order that show all the renowned qualities of the White Suffolk breed.

 “These are just not ewes that are surplus to Bundara’s needs, they are ewes that Steve and Greg would be happy to retain in the stud flock so this is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to set up a new stud and gain an infusion of successful proven genetics,’ he said.

 The complete Bundara Downs White Suffolk stud flock is Hypotrichosis  DNA tested free.