Ultra Whites Stud

The Bundara Downs Ultra White stud was started in 2020 with the purchase of 12 ewes and 1 ram from Hillcroft  Farms. Semen was collected from this ram and used in the first Embryo Transfer program. Semen from a young ram lamb was purchased from Hillcroft Farms for the second Embryo Transfer program.

To start the base, we mated 50 Poll Dorset hogget’s, to the Ultra White ram to allow another breeding line to commence.

Ultra Whites are an easy-care sheep, shedding to eliminate shearing & flystrike, with muscling and performance recording focused on.

The high milking ability of the Dorset and the strong maternal instinct of Dorper, for both breeds needed to be preserved. Good fecundity along with the ability to breed year-round was a non-negotiable trait for the new breed.

Bundara Downs has ventured into this breed to further satisfy market diversity and see this breed becoming an integral part of the sheep industry.